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MADJ Takes Reading Fire and Ice Fest to Uncharted Territory on Social Media


The Reading Fire + Ice Festival is becoming a staple in the Greater Reading and surrounding communities. For five years, our President, Kevin Bezler, has been handling the marketing, advertising and social media campaigns for the event. “When we began working on this event in 2015, it was new to me and new to the community so the challenge was set upon me to help spread the word and encourage people to come downtown and experience fun for the family,” said Kevin.

From Year 1 where a couple hundred attendees came downtown (the low attendance was mostly due to the weather being in the teens and wind chills below zero) to this year’s incredibly level of interest, the event has grown by leaps and bounds.

At the time of this article, interest level in this event is at an all-time here and we’ve helped achieve 18,000 RSVPs on the Facebook event alone. This number is 4x higher than last year’s number and we’re proud to help be a part in the rise and success of #RDGfireandice!

Kevin Bezler